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Price setting & deadlines for translation projects

  • prices for translation projects are set based on 1 standard page (SP) of a text in the target language, i.e. 1,800 characters & words (30 lines typed with 60 characters and words each)
  • owing to my curiosity as regards the size of different translation projects in both source and target languages, l have analysed to find out that 5.5 is the mean number of characters per one word; then it gives a mean number of 327 words per one standard page
  • finally, the said 327 words shall be combined into meaningful sentences; however, there are also those interested in “only the translation of 327 words” who apparently are not aware of this fact
  • the minimum invoiced sum is 1 standard page
  • translations — with each page being a unique one — are neither machine, nor line production; however, I can offer reasonable cut-offs for events of larger translation projects or numerous repetitions, as well as for key & contractual clients
  • for CAT tools assisted translation projects, I use to quote jointly for special rates with cut-offs and per translated page flat rates
  • whereas the values of actual per word number of characters use to vary considerably through individual languages, the number of standard pages still remains the most exact way to calculate the actual size of a translation project
  • in the event that your wonder hat may b the price of a translation, you have just to convey me the text in any electronic version and exactly specify, when you expect to have the translation made
  • the deviation of the extent of sizes of texts in source or target languages most often varies within ±10%, so I recommend my clients to take this value into their consideration when the final price is estimated
  • legal translation projects are priced for a special rate as established by Decrees Nos. 491/2004 and 565/2008

Principal delivery periods:

The wording of Act No. 382/2004 provides for the opportunity to include the days of the receipt of the document and that of the delivery of the completed translation project into the established deadline. As I make my best to meet clients’ requirements as much as possible, I make use of the previously mentioned to a limited extent. Despite of the latter, it happens that I am compelled to extra charge my clients for urgent translations. If not otherwise agreed ad if feasible my principal deadlines use to be as follows:

  • within 2 hours - 1 SP
  • within 4 hours - 2 SP
  • within 12 hours - 6 SP
  • within 24 hours - 10 SP

The delivery period begins to run from the moment of receiving the text to be translated.

I do my best to translate and to deliver the translation projects common of personal documents intended for legal purposes on the day of their receipt from my client.

Modes of payment:

  • I prefer bank transfers or cash deposits
  • however, you can pay cash, if it may be better and more convenient for you