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Legal status

  • natural person — freelance translator (business established in 1992)
  • Sole Trades Register No. 102-7539
  • I am not VAT payer
  • IČO (≈Corporate ID) 317 38 982
  • DRČ (≈Taxation ID) 1024 86 0705

Education, work expertise & fields of interest

  • chemistry (chemical technology)
  • agriculture (plant production, plant protection), organic farming
  • international law & relations, EU law, diplomacy
  • (hazardous) waste handling, disposal & recycling, dangerous goods transport (ADR)
  • biomass, alternative & non traditional sources of energy
  • ancient technologies
  • environmental impact assessment (EIA)

The standards I adhere to when doing my work

  • STN/EN 15038:2006 Translation services; Requirements for translation services
    Even though I have not been accredited according to this standard I always do my best to adhere to it and to act on the principles as laid down in it.
  • Act No. 382/2004 on sworn expert witnesses, interpreters and translators, as last amended
    As a translator (not interpreter) registered in the list of translators administered by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic I am fully aware of my obligations, rights and duties related to this activity. Owing to this reason I follow this rule even when making non-legal translations as a freelance business.

The principles I adhere to, when doing my work

“Everybody according to his capacity and abilities.”
As soon as I become clearly aware that due to either my technical incompetence or lack of time I may not manage the translation project ordered, I prefer to reject it so as not to disappointing my possible client and to enable it to find a new supplier in time; if the case may be, I would him a concrete supplier.

“My client is my master.”
I always take for granted my loyalty to my Client and I believe in mutual confidence.

“Miracles while you wait, impossible within three days.”
Despite of this I expect Client’s comprehension that translators are just human beings, and not translation machines. Though it is impossible to translate everything and immediately, however, it is possible to translate a lot. Sometimes only a bit of Client’s patience may be required. On the other hand, a delayed delivery of the source text would undoubtedly result in unnecessary stress and may threat both a good management and a timely delivery of the translation project requested.

“Nobody is perfect, nobody has fallen down sapient from the Heavens and everybody has his right to err.”
I do not translate robot-likely, but first I use to make my best to comprehend the essence and the technical background of the Project to be translated. Whenever required and possible, I always consult the terminological and technical aspects of the Project with my client. I expect from my Client its due assistance and answers to questions that may seem unimportant. When required from and agreed upon with my Client, the translated Project may additionally be technically reviewed and checked by a linguist or a native speaker. However, such reviews are extra invoiced. Any technical and terminological comments by Client and review results are always sources of lesson and new knowledge not only for me, but also for Client as well. Therefore there are always welcome and enable us to avoid unpleasant complaints in the future.

"More heads are better one.”
In any case I do not reject to work with a well concerted team of translators. I can ensure any client that in events of larger technical translation projects it is always better to have them finished a bit later, eventually using CAT tools (e.g. Trados or Wordfast) by one or a small team of well concerted and mutually acquainted translators than to receive and to pay for a “technical translation” project hammered together in the eleventh hour by a heterogeneous group of mutually unacquainted translators, who desperately miss and have almost no prompt access to direct, technical advice from the client.

Whenever possible, I will greatly appreciate multilingual versions of source translated projects as I can make cross references, check their respective wordings and better understand them in cases of any doubts.

Apart from others my clients also still are or have been:

Acropolis, Arysta-Agro Slovakia, Aspena, CEET, Cut-e Slovakia, City University Bratislava, European Crop Protection Association, Havlát & Partners - law office, HMP, Hobrascón Huarte Infotrans Germanus, Hydromeliorácie, Chemtura, Ministry of Agricultre & Rural Development of the Slovak Republic, Praxide, PT servis, Rekal, Siemens, Slovalco, Slovak Crop Protection Association, Sprint-Press, Syngenta Slovakia, Tandem Academia, Translata, VKM

Insurance against losses caused to my clients

I have made an insurance contract with ČSOB insurance company to cover any & all losses suffered by my clients due to failure in my services.